Semana Santa Easter in Mexico
In just one day, more than a million visitors come to a small district to watch a 150-year-old tradition. What is behind this event? What motivates the inhabitants to go through this representation with so much dedication?

Interview With: Oswaldo “Jesus” of the Passion Play at Iztapalapa
Oswaldo Ortega Palma, is a young Mexican who played the role of Jesus in the Passion Play of Iztapalapa
The most important and most difficult role to play in the Passion of Jesus which is presented in the district of Iztapalapa, is that of Jesus.

May 3: Day of the Holy Cross
Holy Cross Day is celebrated everywhere in Mexico on May 3. Curiously, it has become the feast day of masons. Here’s the story why.
Faithful Catholic Spaniards used to adorn a cross with flowers on this day and place it on top of their houses. Later, the Spanish missionaries brought this tradition to our country.

Spring is Here: The Culture of the Sun
In all of the pre-Colombian cultures, the sun is associated with the Spring rituals, when life is reborn and flourishes. It is also the time of year to prepare the fallow land for harvest…..

Student’s Essay An Extraordinary Situation
Just as quickly as he got to the United States, he is now back at home. One might think that it must be a great relief to be among his own once again. But he actually misses what has been left behind.

¡Qué Onda! News from a Mexican School
Let me explain the title of my column to you. “Qué Onda!” is the Mexican equivalent of “What’s up?” or “What’s happening?”. This is how kids say hello to each other: “Qué onda?…. Cómo estás?”, or “Qué onda?… cómo te fue?”. It also means, what’s going on?. So… “Qué onda cómo están?”
In this column I’m going to tell you about life in a Mexican school, my school.

Adivina Mexican Proverbs & Riddles
These word games are clearly a reflection of the culture they come from and, of course, of grass-roots wisdom.

One of my favorite things about teaching is that it can provide you with so many unique learning opportunities and adventures. Three years ago, the teacher who taught the Model United Nations course was suddenly unable to go on the trip to New York with her students…

¡Mi Tiempo Libre! Young Mexicans Having Fun
Hi! I’m Marcelo Ahuerma, I’m 15, I’m in 3rd year of Jr. High, and I live in the State of Mexico. I love using the computer, riding my bike, and especially going to parties with my friends.