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El Virreinato en México

De los 62 Virreyes que gobernaron durante el México Colonial, hemos escogido 12 que, de una y otra manera fueron considerados entre los mejores gobernantes de la Nueva España. Don Antonio de Mendoza fundó la Casa de Moneda; propuso la Creación de la Universidad…. Continue reading


Tulum Mystical Paradise

Tulum rises majestically upon a small cliff that offers incomparable views of the Caribbean Sea. The gentle murmur of the waves is a constant companion of the visitor to Tulúm, at the southern end of the Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo.

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  Reference & History

  Myths & Legends

The Legend of Popocatepetl & Iztaccíhuatl A Love Story

Thousands of years ago, when the Aztec Empire was in its heyday and dominated the Valley of Mexico….The chief had a daughter named Iztaccihuatl: the most beautiful of all the princesses, who had professed her love for young Popocatepetl, one of her father’s people and the most handsome warrior. Continue reading


  Culture & Traditions

Pastel de las Tres Leches

In recent times the Tres Leches cake, or Pastel de las Tres Leches became one of the most popular Mexican Desserts.  It is a sponge cake in many recipes, or a butter cake, soaked in three kinds of milk (thus the name… Read More

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